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Our First Guests.

Happy Sunday! As I write to you today, big snowflakes fall from the sky. They are fluffy and bright white as they land into the sea below our deck. It has been a long and beautiful winter here in Sitka. I looked out the window to see that Mike has his commercial fishing boat tied to our dock. The crew arrived yesterday, and they are preparing for another longline season. This year is exciting for us as we embark on another year of fishing, but with our new boat, the F/V Myra. She reminds me of the Lighthouse: stable, steady, reliable, and seaworthy. When the boat gets moved to the house, we all feel the rush of energy with spring coming. The mountains are snow-capped, and our snowpack is deep. It's going to be a beautiful summer with overflowing streams for our salmon. I look forward to that time of year, but today may be the perfect Alaskan Sunday. I sit and reflect today on our journey, connection, and our first guests...

MAY 21, 2018-

We finished up what turned into an eight-month remodel yesterday, and greeted our first guests, Donna and Warren Elliot. Warren convinced me to rent the lighthouse a few days earlier than I had expected. I was worried the remodel would not be complete, but he just knew it would be and I went ahead and agreed with him. He gave me the final push- How amazing it is when we are sent exactly what we need.

Magic was in the air as they arrived; we were so excited to see our dreams of restoring Rockwell come true. After months of good days and not so good days, she stood tall and proud as if she knew she had just been given a makeover and was about to have her "big reveal." The energy in the air was infectious. There were smiles and happy tears as I fluffed the living room pillows, and Mike hung the last picture.

Mike the moment we finished the remodel. Look at that happy smile!

The Lighthouse is robust, proud, reliable, and beautiful. She sits out on a rocky point and weathers gale force winds, pounding rains, but she shines like a beacon in the sun. There is magic in Rockwell, and always excitement in the air. She's a force to reckon with, and as we spent the last eight months restoring her, she's somehow become part of our family. As it downpours for our first guests, I know she's keeping them warm and happy inside as the rain beats down on her. I am so proud of her.

The guestbook entries since we welcomed Donna and Warren, have been incredible. I have included our first entry and look forward to sharing more of them with you. Everyone has a story, and reading the guestbook entries connects us all. I wish you a wonderful week filled with what makes you happy. See you next Sunday.

Rockwell is Waiting for You.

Love, Teal

Poem Written by Warren Eliott. Author of, Making Your Life Outdoors.


Here's To STRONG Women

May we know them- May we BE them- May we RAISE them.

Happy International Women's Day.

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