We proudly present- Sitka Lighthouse Wild Salmon.

Combining Two Passions-

This Sunday I would like to tell you a little more about our family... I am the lighthouse keeper, Mike is the fisherman. Lighthouses guide boats safely into port- the perfect match for two people that love their state and love each other. Since purchasing the lighthouse we have wanted to combine both of our passions to offer our guests and customers an incredible product. We love to feed people and what better way to experience Alaska, than to enjoy its bounty. That idea is where Sitka Lighthouse Salmon comes in.

Fishing Vessel MYRA-

We purchased the F/V Myra this past winter. She is a freezer troller, and if she had a heart, it would be made of gold. She is reliable, steady, and seaworthy. She's that friend that you can call and will drop everything for you no matter what- loyal. She's already become part of our family and, just like Sitka Lighthouse, has a place in our hearts.

Your Captain-

Mike has been fishing since he was thirteen. He started trolling with his dad in the summers and eventually crewed all over Alaska. From Bristol Bay to South East Alaska, Mike has fished the coastline. His love and passion after thirty years of fishing still hold steady, and you will taste that in the quality of his Salmon. Mike prefers catching his fish hook and line. He feels hook and line is the best way to provide his customers not only with a sustainable product. Mike's knowledge of the Salmon fishery and also the care he takes in the process his fish makes his product stand out.

Our Salmon-

With abundant, sustainable, and scientifically managed runs in Alaska, wild Salmon not only taste great but are loaded with healthy benefits. His Salmon comes on board, one by one, and is processed immediately. It is cared for within minutes of its arrival. This process ensures a flaky, rich, and fresh-frozen salmon. Your fresh-frozen fillets will only defrost once before cooking. We are one of a few boats in South East to fillet onboard- ensuring you Salmon is of the best quality.