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Lighthouse Cares

Cleaning Program

Your Safety Is Always Our Highest Priority 

We have expanded our already stringent cleaning standards to meet the demands of the current climate. Our Lighthouse Cares Cleaning Program outlines the safe steps we are taking as an organization to ensure your visit with us is a safe and sanitary experience.

We will be taking the following steps prior to every arriving guest:


  • Housekeeping staff will wear disposable gloves while cleaning and appropriate PPE. 

  •  All surfaces will be treated twice with antibacterial cleaning supplies. Once with Antibacterial wipes and once with disinfectant spray. 

  • All bedding is being stored in cabinets that are not exposed to open air germs. 

  • Towels and bedding is being washed at temperatures over 100 degrees to ensure all germs are removed. 

  • We are not taking any reservations of over six guests this summer, to ensure that large groups are not on site. 

  •  Our water taxi captains will be wiping down their boat with antibacterial wipes prior to any water taxi rides that our guests take to and from the island. 

  • We will have hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand soap on-site at all times. 

  • Our hot tub will be sanitized and extra bromine (germ killer) will be added prior to each guest's stay. 

  • We have added an air filtration system to the property that cleans air in spaces of up to 3700 Sq ft. The lighthouse is Appx. 1800 square feet. This filtration system ensures that air is being filtered and cleaned at all times during your stay. 

  • All opened condiments, and dry food will be removed from the kitchen after every stay. 

  • We will respect all guest's personal space and are implementing a no-hand shake policy by us and all staff. 

  • 24-hour non- booking policies will be implemented whenever possible between reservations.