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Do you have concierge services? 

Yes, We do! We are happy to help you plan your stay.


Please email us at 

Will my cell phone work?

Most cell phone carriers will work during your stay. ATT is the preferred provider in Sitka. If you have Verizon you will have cell service as well. We do provide Internet.

We try to make your stay as comfortable as possible and provide a multitude of creature comforts :

Towels, bedding, dishes, silverware, coffee pot, Keurig, toaster, blender, microwave, oven, dishwasher, hot water maker, satellite TV, four kayaks, life jackets, BBQ, hot tub, outdoor dining and seating, toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning supplies, blow dryer, curling iron, and general toiletries. We also provide general seasonings for the kitchen, flour, sugar, and coffee.


Frequently Asked

How can I ensure a seamless check-in?

We recommend pre-ordering your groceries before arrival. Guests enjoy arriving in Sitka between 12-2 pm on the day of check-in. After arriving, guests like to have lunch, take in the sights, and then head out to the lighthouse. This pace allows for more enjoyment upon your arrival. 

Yes, We are a working lighthouse and registered with the US Coast Guard. No, you do not need to turn the light on, it goes on automatically.

Are you a working lighthouse? Do I need to turn the light on?

Do you provide Grocery Service?

Most cell phone carriers will work during your stay. ATT is the preferred provider in Sitka. If you have Verizon, you will have cell service as well. In addition, we provide Satellite TV during your stay, along with DVD options. 

Do you provide laundry service?

We have limited laundry service on site. We do not suggest that you plan on doing large loads of laundry while on the island due to limited water usage. If needed, we can help arrange laundry drop off at our local laundry mat.

Are there any outdoor extras?

    • Four Kayaks

    • Covered Skiff (to use going to town only)

    • NO Fishing Gear (please book a fishing charter)

    • Hot Tub

    • Fire Pit and BBQ

Will I see any bears?

We have never seen a bear on the island. It is possible but highly unlikely. For this reason please do not set food or garbage on any of the decks or outside.

Will I see any wildlife? Yes!

    • Whales

    • Sea and Land Otters

    • Sea Lions

    • Eagles and Sea Birds

    • Tide Pools with Sea Stars

    • Abalone and Muscles

What to bring:

Layered clothing


Hat and Gloves

Food and Beverages


Rain gear

Walking shoes


Drinking water


Pets At Any Time

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