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Delicious fried salmon fillet, seasonings on blue rustic concrete background. Cooked salmo

From our Tide to your Table.

Lighthouses guide boats safely into port- the perfect match for a lighthouse keeper and a commercial fisherman. Since purchasing the lighthouse, we have wanted to combine our passions to offer our guests and customers an incredible product. We love to feed people, and what better way to experience Alaska than to enjoy its bounty? That idea is where Sitka Lighthouse Salmon comes in.

We are now offer Wild Alaskan Salmon! With abundant, sustainable, scientifically managed runs in Alaska, wild salmon taste great and are loaded with life-enhancing health benefits. 

Wild Alaska Salmon is part of a healthy eating pattern and provides:


  • High levels of quality protein.

  • Healthy omega-3 fats (DHA and EPA).

  • A multitude of essential vitamins, including B12 and D.

  • Other minerals like selenium, zinc, and iodine.

  • High good fat content.

  • Healthy menu choice.

  • Boosts brain health.

  • Boosts immune system.

Now Taking Orders for delivery in September. 


“Mikes product is of the greatest quality. His fish tastes like it was caught that day. The firm, flaky, and juicy salmon is delicious. His prices are affordable and I love eating salmon once a week. I am a huge fan!”

— Michelle J. 


“I have been buying fish from Mike for years. He is as professional as it gets. His boat is well taken care of and clean. His salmon is frozen at sea within minutes. You can taste the quality. Its even better than fresh!”

— Steve R. 


King Salmon

Now Shipping

Wild Alaskan king salmon are prized for their large, luscious flakes and high fat content and Omega-3s. King salmon are the largest and least numerous of the Pacific salmon and they are truly special. All Salmon comes filleted.

10 Pound Box 

20 Pound Box

Fresh Salmon

Coho Salmon

Now Shipping

Lighter and more delicate than a king salmon, coho salmon are delicious and smooth, with all the Omega-3s for which wild salmon are touted. Coho salmon are the most versatile of salmon species, pairing well with a variety of recipes. All salmon comes filleted. 

10 Pound Box

20 Pound Box

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