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About Us.

Hello there! This blog has been a long time coming. I have dreamed of writing to you since we first purchased the lighthouse in 2017, but as we all know, time often seems to get in the way. Because I am putting the lighthouse blog back onto my priority list, I invite you to follow me and take a journey to Alaska through the comforts of your own home. I will transport you to the land of the midnight sun as you read about our story and what makes Alaska so unique.

Sitka Lighthouse After Remodel.

When I think about the lighthouse, I think about connection. The year we purchased the lighthouse Mike and I were looking for a connection- links to our community, to each other, and to a dream. Sitka Lighthouse can be seen from town, sitting out in the sound, proudly on its very own private island. Over the years, the lighthouse started to look a little tired, and in need of some TLC. As Sitka locals, the lighthouse was always on our radar. After a few years on the market, we watched and waited until it was the right time for us to purchase the lighthouse.

Photo by: @sitkanature

Mike is the dreamer. When he dreams, he dreams BIG. Mike's dreams have led us to continually dip our toes into the pond of creativity and entrepreneurship. Mike can get projects done as I have never seen. What amazes me, even more is that he is not a contractor. His day job is captaining his boat as a commercial fisherman. I am excited to share stories about the remodel with you. Mike hauled every construction item out to the lighthouse from town in our seventeen-foot whaler in the dead of winter. He is a force, and I am grateful to have him on my team.

I am the one behind the design. When I see something in design, I either love it, or I do not. This decisiveness makes it easy for me to make decisions during big design projects. I am so proud that Mike and I have completed many projects over the years together: from turning a one-hundred-year-old building into a restaurant, redesigning an old boat shed into a beautiful waterfront office space, and our proudest project to date, Sitka Lighthouse.

We were both born and raised in Sitka, Alaska. Our connection to our community and Alaska runs deep within us. We feel that Sitka Lighthouse is the perfect way for us to honor connection and share it with you. The relationships we have made and the beauty we have seen since purchasing the lighthouse has been life changing. We invite you to join us on our journey and experience what makes Alaska so unique to our guests and to us. Thank you for being here.

Sincerely, Teal West

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