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It was a dark and stormy day at the Rockwell Lighthouse.

November 11, 2001

The wind was howling and the hail sleet frozen precipitation was crashing down the waves were pounding against the rocks and Paul was crocheting his scarf. Bri and Sue were madly trying to dry out their sleeping bags from sleeping outside in the rain.

Jeremy took a dip into the icy water of the ocean while his companions looked on with feet and trepidation but Paul kept crocheting. Anne read the entries in all of the guest books in an attempt to find the meaning of life, but Paul kept crocheting.

The Jv's from Juneau ventured outside in the storm as they tried to meet face to face with their creator. They sang and wrestled and told their stories and took numerous photographs and said “amen” and clapped but Paul did not stop crocheting. People cooked and drank and laughed and cried, chaos was all about but that did not stop Paul.

He just sat there on the couch on the chair on the floor in the hot tub and crochet and crochet and crochet. When the weekend was over he had created a scarf and a hat and the rest of us had built a small seed of hope and connection. But do not look for these, as we have taken them with us. Perhaps your stay here will be as fruitful and you too will find or build what you are looking for.

JV Retreat communities from Sitka and Juneau

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