During times of uncertainty...we look for the good.

We are in a state of uncertainty right now up here in Alaska, as is the rest of the world. It seems that in a matter of one week, our city has been turned upside down. As I sit here this morning, I reflect on the current events; it is so easy to feel sadness, uncertainty, anxiety, and hopelessness during these times. Even with those feelings rushing in, I know there is still hope.

A Community of Helpers-

Sitka is a small business haven when it comes to having opportunities to follow your dreams. Business owners are supported and cheered on, so it is not surprising that now at this time, we are helping each other. That is why I love living in Sitka- the community, the connection. Sitka is a community of helpers. When someone gets sick or needs help, we are here organizing fundraisers, bake sales, and raffles. We have seen so many helpers over the last week from our community- people buying each other groceries, running errands for the elderly, connecting through online platforms. The connection that we are experiencing at our community level is incredible.

Turning to Connection-

I find it so hopeful that during a time of social isolation and quarantine, people are connecting more than they have in a long time. We are reaching out to check in on each other, parents and children are spending more time together than ever before, friends are talking on the phone. Everyone is slowing down. Citizens are doing whatever they can to support small businesses. It's in our nature to connect and we are.

In times of turmoil and uncertainty, when our news feeds are filled with chaos and fear, I ask you to look for the good. Look for the helpers, the selfless healthcare workers, and the volunteers. Look especially for the stories of hope, the stories of change for the good. We will all get through this. I do believe that in a few months, we will be on the other side of this, a stronger society together...connected.

Hope in Dark Times...

A friend shared with me this week that lighthouses are a beacon of hope in dark times. I bought and share the lighthouse with our guests and followers for precisely that reason. Let Sitka Lighthouse be your sign of hope. We are here to stay, here to weather this storm, here to give you a place to land during these uncertain times.

Please stay safe, please stay inside, please do not give up, and most importantly please pick up the phone to check in with someone you love.